A creative movement studio inspiring personal growth and wellness.

Intentions Studio's mission is to guide, inspire and support the achievement of each individual's personal wellness goals. By utilizing a blend of in-home and online platforms, personalized lessons are affordable and easy to access.




For the cost of one drop-in class, you can have access to 8 goal-driven classes every month!

Each month will consist of a progressive series of videos designed to help you achieve each Pose of the Month. Every series will include a new monthly warmup& cool-down sequence, strength building and stretching exercises; all geared towards personal growth. Modifications and variations will be offered throughout to allow all levels to participate.




My love for movement has always been present throughout my entire life. From recreational sports in elementary and middle school to dancing in high school through college, I have always been "on the move." As a registered yoga instructor and dance major, I created Intentions Studio as a means to bring movement, creativity and inspiration into people's lives; helping to achieve personal growth and development.

I have been teaching yoga & movement for over seven years now and love every moment of it. I particularly love the ability to connect with each and every student and create lesson plans to accommodate everyone's individual needs and intentions. Additionally, I love to see each student's progression; whether it's mastering that challenging pose, recovering from an injury, finding the strength to make it through a severe illness, or simply learning something new.

I enjoy that no two students are alike and this keeps my work ever-changing and exciting. Everybody is different, every person has a different intention for why they come to their practice, and I love being able to honor each and every one of those intentions.


owner & instructor



Paul really listens to me and customizes the practice to my needs. He's very knowledgeable and encouraging, without ever being pushy. His calming disposition is laced with a great sense of humor. Several of my friends have also started practicing with Paul, and are now suggesting him to others. I started out with Paul as a new-by, and when I've gone to yoga classes in other cities I feel confident. He has provided excellent instruction and challenges me each and every time. If you're thinking about doing yoga, call Paul, he's excellent!

Lori A.

Paul is a great yoga instructor who works to grow our private class skills and makes each class new by introducing us to different poses and techniques. Yoga with Paul & Intentions Yoga has really brought a new vibe to our health and wellness in the past year. Thank you!

Jennifer C.

Paul is patient, understanding, and enthusiastic about his work. I leave every session feeling like I’ve learned and grown. As a beginner, he takes time to educate and challenge me. I highly recommend Paul whether you are a beginner or experienced.

Rachel N.

I cannot say enough positive things about this yoga studio. Everything about it is amazing!! I LOVE the teacher and the classes!!! STRONGLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Sara B.

Paul has done an incredible job of tailoring workouts to my needs and keeping me focused, on track, and motivated!

Jennifer W.

Personalized service. Paul cares about what he does. He wants to make your experience the best that it can be. He will tailor a yoga lesson to what you need / want. Relaxing, challenging, or switching from one to the other from each session to the next. Plus, if you cannot get to a set yoga class each week, Paul may be able to accommodate your schedule.

Corella G.

Simply amazing! I've been doing this yoga class for some time and every experience is new and exciting. The intimate class make for a perfect learning environment. With Paul's guidance I've seen noticeable growth in my everyday life.

Dylan B.

Paul is a great teacher. You can tell he has a strong passion and love for what he does. The classes are more intimate and made me feel comfortable. This allows Paul to be more intentional and personal in his feedback and attention for each student.

Rebecca D.

Intentions Yoga Studio is exceptional!! Paul gives you personal attention and provides individual modifications as needed. The atmosphere is soothing and classes concentrate on proper breathing, stretching and balancing. I have seen a significant change in my core strength and I'm working on balance! I highly recommend this studio and Paul's expertise as an instructor.

Marisa K.

Paul is an amazing yoga instructor! He puts a real focus in breath, which is often difficult to find in an instructor. He is also great at being able to adapt sessions for specific needs. I can't imagine going to anyone else!

Aimee P.

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