Quick and effective workouts for the yogi on a tight schedule!

Each workout is approximately 25-30 minutes in length and will focus on breaking down a specific pose.


These videos will not only give you specific modifications and variations of the selected pose; but also include stretching, warmups, sun salutations, and a gentle cool-down.


All "30 minute workouts" are available in three options:

Monthly Subscription: $10 per month - unlimited streaming

Purchase: $5 per lesson

Rent: $2 per lesson






For the cost of one drop-in class, you can have access to 8 goal-driven classes every month!

Each month will consist of a progressive series of online yoga videos designed to help you achieve each Pose of the Month. Every series will include a new monthly warmup& cool-down sequence, strength building and stretching exercises; all geared towards personal growth. Modifications and variations will be offered throughout to allow all levels to participate.


This video platform is designed to provide you with the opportunity for personal growth within your own yoga practice. Whether you are new to yoga or experienced, there's something here for everyone.

These videos are intended to be progressive; becoming more challenging throughout the month as we build towards our Pose of the Month.

Watch the short video for more details.

How it works...

Each month you will receive a warmup video & cool-down video that you will utilize throughout the month. Additionally you will get eight lesson videos (two per week,) that you will "sandwich" between your warmup & cool-down.

This is designed for you to work at your own pace. If a lesson is challenging, hang out there until it becomes easier; then move on to the next lesson.

This platform is as simple as:

Warmup Video (+) Lesson Video (+) Cool-down Video

Watch the short video for more details

Membership & Package Options

Basic membership is only $18 month, or upgrade to VIP for only $6 more ($24/month.)

Basic Membership includes:

Personalized Login

Access to previous month's videos

Video Streaming

VIP Membership:

All Basic Membership Content, plus

Unlimited Video Downloads

New Videos Emailed Directly

Bonus Content: Two extra lessons in months with 5 weeks

Watch the short video for more details

By clicking play on any of our workouts, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the full disclaimer, available online at IntentionsStudio.com/disclaimer.

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